How do I look after my health?

Stay connected to a local sexual health clinic or similar resource. It’s important to get tested regularly for STIs if you have any sexual contact with one or more people. Some STIs have very few symptoms and you may not know you have them. Most STIs are treatable, still others are curable, but the first step is finding out if you have them. Sexual health clinics have stringent privacy rules and there’s no shame in going to one. Nor should you feel awkward talking to the people there openly and honestly about what you’re doing with other people. They’ve pretty much heard it all before! They can certainly help you enjoy better sex, and put your mind at ease, if they know what’s going on with you. That also means talking about any drugs or chemicals you might use. The key is to get tested regularly if you’re sexually active, because any infection can get worse if you don’t deal with it. A quick check-up every three to six months is the usual recommendation, but you might be advised to go more or less often, depending how sexually active you are and with how many partners.