We’re very happy that the new DudesNude webcam chat is out of beta and has launched! With this upgrade, we are now the #1 gay camchat on the web… and totally free.

Here are just some of the new features

  • Private 1-on-1 webcam (very stable and works well)
  • Pop-ups (cams and private chat) manage their location on the screen– they don’t all just overlap in a big pile
  • Dudes on your block list won’t see you and you won’t see them
  • Dudes on your buddy list have a blue ring around their avatar and they’re sorted to the top of the user list
  • Audio notification when there is a message directed to you (optional, you can turn it off)
  • Message notifications in the chat room when someone turns on their cam (optional, you can turn it off)

And MORE improvements to come…

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